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Experienced Civil Litigation Attorney Representing Wise County Clients In Court

If you are involved in a civil litigation matter, you need excellent legal representation. The skilled legal team at The Law Office of Kern and Wilkens, PC has nearly 50 years of combined experience and is more than capable of providing the quality counsel you deserve. We have handled countless civil litigation cases and obtained favorable outcomes for our clients. We are more than happy to do the same for you.

Virginia Civil Litigation

Civil litigation covers a wide array of legal matters that are not related to criminal activity. Cases we commonly accept include, but are not limited to:

  • Business disputes

  • Landlord-tenant matters

  • Personal injury

  • Real estate issues and disputes

  • Family law

Going To Court With Confidence

No one enjoys having to appear in court, but the right legal team can make all the difference between a painful experience and a positive one. When you are confident about your attorney’s abilities, you can better manage your stress and attitude on the important days in court. We have decades of experience successfully advocating for the rights and privileges of our civil litigation clients and are eager to extend the same high-quality representation to you.

The Law Office of Kern and Wilkens, PC has nearly 50 years’ combined experienced defending the rights and interests of our clients in civil litigation matters. Contact our Wise County office today at 276-523-1281 to discuss the details of your case and schedule a free consultation with a trusted attorney.

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