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Successful Personal Injury Law Firm Securing Compensation For Wise County Clients

If you have been hurt because someone else acted irresponsibly or dangerously, they should pay for the damage they have caused. We have been representing personal injury clients for over 35 years and have successfully won the compensation they need to heal and move forward in life. We can do the same for you.

Automobile Accidents

Auto accidents happen all the time and can be quite serious. If a negligent or distracted driver caused an accident in which you were injured, they need to be held accountable. We can help you file a personal injury claim and get you the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Experienced Auto Accidents Attorney Representing Wise County Personal Injury Clients

Auto accidents are an unfortunate reality in our society that relies so heavily on cars to get around. Most people will find themselves in a fender-bender at some point, while others may become injured in more serious accidents. If you have been hurt in a car accident that was caused by another driver, you should file a personal injury claim to ensure you are not stuck covering your medical expenses. We can help you do just that, as well as interface with insurance adjusters and represent you in court, if need be.

Contributory Negligence In Virginia

Our state insurance system enforces what’s known as contributory negligence rules. This means that even if you did not cause the accident to occur, you cannot collect any damages if it is determined you contributed to the accident in any way. This punitive system is the very reason why you need a skilled and strategic personal injury attorney. We must establish that the other driver was 100% at fault and that you deserve to be compensated for their mistake.

Multiple Defendants

If you were involved in a car crash with more than one other driver, it is our task to prove that the two or more other drivers contributed 100% to the accident and you contributed nothing other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, if you were involved in a four-car accident, we must prove that the three other drivers actions’ made up 100% of the fault.

Our firm has nearly 50 years’ combined experience doing just this. We have successfully won compensation for countless clients who have been victims of auto accidents.

Never Admit Fault

Due to our punishing insurance laws, it is crucial that you say as little as possible to law enforcement, as well as your insurance company and especially the insurance providers of the other drivers. You must remember that the insurance professionals who call you are paid to use tactics to trick you into admitting fault. If they contact you, you should refer them to us so we can interact with them. We understand the nuances of Virginia’s state law and know exactly what and what not to say to them.

If you have been involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer, chances are your injuries are severe. You might be facing pressure and intimidation from a large corporate insurance provider who wants you to drop your case. We want to protect you from these tactics and take on the burden of getting your medical bills covered.

Persuasive Personal Injury Lawyer Representing Victims Of Tractor-Trailer Accidents In Wise County

If you were the victim of an accident involving a tractor-trailer, your injuries are most likely severe. You may have even suffered a catastrophic injury preventing you from maintaining gainful employment in the future. We don’t want you to be financially devastated by your accident and face years of difficulty and hardship. The skilled legal team of personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Kern and Wilkens, PC can help you secure the compensation you need to pay your medical expenses and recover from lost wages. Depending on the accident, we may also be able to to collect damages for pain and suffering.

Don’t Face Corporate Insurance Providers Alone

Commercial drivers of tractor-trailers and semi-trucks are usually backed by corporate insurance providers whose jobs rely upon getting you to admit fault in the accident. Virginia insurance laws adhere to the contributory negligence regulation that requires proof that the tractor-trailer driver was 100% at-fault in the accident.

Common Tractor-Trailer Defenses

It’s no secret that commercial drivers face strenuous circumstances. However, that does not negate their responsibility to be safe on the road. They may be overtired, abusing drugs or alcohol, or ignoring regulations in an effort to boost hours or sales. They are held to higher standards than typical drivers because their vehicles are massive and capable of causing great harm and they must be held accountable for their actions. We are skilled in proving that tractor-trailer drivers are the sole contributors to the accidents they cause.

Accidents at construction sites are very common. This is why it is so important for construction site managers to post applicable warning signs regarding hazards. If you have been hurt in a construction accident while performing work duties or just passing through, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. We can help.

Seasoned Construction Accidents Lawyer Representing Wise County Personal Injury Clients

Construction site managers, owners, contractors, and employees have a legal obligation to ensure that the sites they work within are safe and properly maintained. If you have been injured working at or passing through a construction site, we can help you prove your injuries were not your fault. We have nearly 50 years’ combined experience representing personal injury victims.

Premises Liability Claims

If you are injured onsite in a construction zone, any number of accidents can happen. It is the responsibility of the property owner or foreman to preserve safe conditions. If they fail to do so, you may be able to sue for personal injury compensation. We will represent you to prove your presence on a construction site caused injury to which you didn’t contribute.

Get The Legal Representation You Deserve

The repercussions of a construction site accident can be extremely severe. You could be facing enormous medical bills, lost wages, and diminished income-earning potential. Our goal is to prove negligence on part of the irresponsible owners for preventing your injury. We have been successfully securing compensation for our personal injury clients since 1981 and will put our vast array of resources toward your case.

Slip and fall accidents are also referred to as premises liability cases because they often result from unsafe property conditions. Property owners are responsible for taking the appropriate actions to prevent patrons or visitors from slipping, tripping, or falling, whether by removing the potential hazard or posting relevant warnings. If they failed to do this and you sustained an injury, we can help you file a personal injury claim.

Tenacious Personal Injury Attorney Representing Wise County Victims Of Slip & Falls

Slip and falls are also referred to as premises liability accidents. Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe conditions and warning patrons or visitors of any potential risks. When they fail to do so and you sustain an injury, a personal injury claim is your best option for recovering healthcare expenses, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. We have represented slip and fall victims since 1981 and offer decades of experience. The Law Office of Kern and Wilkens, PC has an accomplished record of success in general counsel, trial strategies, and a commitment to respect and integrity for every client.

Proving Liability

In order to prosecute a successful liability claim, we must prove that the property owner could have prevented the incident. As soon as you can, contact a skilled personal injury attorney and avoid making statements to any insurance agent. They will pressure you to admit fault and invalidate your claim. We have been interfacing with insurance agencies for over 35 years and will advocate aggressively for your rights.

Reasonable Caution

In order to file a legitimate slip and fall personal injury claim, we must prove that you were acting with reasonable caution when the accident occurred. This means you were using the equipment or space for its intended purpose and were not engaging in any dangerous behavior. For example, if you slipped and fell because a handrail broke, this would be a legitimate claim. If, however, you were attempting to slide down a bannister, causing it to break, we likely would not have a very good case. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, contact us today so that we may advise you and begin the legal process.

While most dogs make wonderful companions, some are not trained properly and can be aggressive or downright dangerous. Their owners are responsible from inflicting harm on others and can be held liable for damages if they fail to do so. We can help you prove that the dog bite was unprovoked and that you deserve to be compensated for your painful ordeal.

Astute Dog Bites Lawyer Securing Compensation For Wise County Personal Injury Victims

Dogs can make for wonderful pets, but they are animals that need to be properly trained to ensure they do not cause injury to people and other pets. In the event a dog does bite someone, the dog’s owner may be held liable for the damages their pet incurred. If you have been bitten by a dog, whether you know the owner or not, we can potentially secure compensation for your injuries.

Proving Negligence

Virginia is one of few states that does not have a strict liability law regarding dog bites. Instead, we must prove that a dog owner’s negligence is the cause for your injury. Dog bite law states, “If the owner of a dog knows, or should know, that his dog might cause injury, he has a duty to use ordinary care to prevent injury to others. If an owner fails to perform this duty, then he is negligent.” Essentially, our burden is to prove that the owner knew their dog might be aggressive or vicious and did not take the necessary precautions to keep the dog under control.

Leash Laws

Virginia dog owners are not permitted to let their dogs run or roam free on city streets off of their property. If a dog does get loose or is allowed to wander, this alone might be enough to prove negligence per se, even if the owner was not aware that the dog might be aggressive and bite someone. Once you inform the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Kern and Wilkens, PC of the situation, we can effectively counsel you on how to proceed with your claim.

If you have been injured so severely that you cannot live the life you did before the accident, it is likely considered a catastrophic injury. You are likely staring down a mountain of medical expenses that will only increase over time. We strongly believe the perpetrators of the actions that caused your catastrophic injury should be held accountable and will help you get the justice you deserve.

Formidable Personal Injury Attorney Representing Victims Of Catastrophic Injuries In Wise County

A catastrophic injury is one in which you are so severely injured that your quality of life is forever changed or diminished. This can be interpreted many ways, but typically if you are unable to work because of your injury or require extensive medical care, we can claim a catastrophic injury. Though you may be in pain and feeling overwhelmed, the experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Kern and Wilkens P.C. encourage you to call us today to get started on your case. You deserve to be compensated for the mistakes that led you here.

Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

There are many kinds of injuries that may be categorized as catastrophic, but some that we have handled frequently include:

  • Brain injuries and damage

  • Spinal cord

  • Paralyzation

  • Sensory damage, such as eyesight or hearing loss

  • Severe burns requiring grafts

  • Disfigurement

  • Multiple broken bones or fractures

  • Diminished cognitive function

Holding The Right People Accountable

If your injuries resulted from negligent or irresponsible actions of someone else, it should not fall to you to finance the high cost of your recovery. Furthermore, if you require help simply completing daily tasks and are unable to maintain gainful employment, you will need an alternative form of income. We have helped thousands of clients sue for compensation following a catastrophic accident and can do the same for you. We’ll handle the interactions with insurance providers, medical professionals and any other attorneys involved so you can focus solely on healing.

The Law Office of Kern and Wilkens, PC has been helping victims of personal injury in Wise County for over 35 years and can do the same for you. If you have been injured recently, contact our Big Stone Gap office today at 276-523-1281 to schedule a free consultation.

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